As you taste through our portfolio of wines, you will notice there is a common thread of character that each wine holds, while also showcasing the region and variety. When Joseph makes the decision to harvest, he looks at measures such as Brix, acidity and pH, but also takes in the physiology of the vines themselves. So though our wines exhibit differences due to growing region and grape variety, they all possess a shared character based on our method for determining the perfect moment to bring in the crop.

We don’t need to break out of the box, because we’ve never been in it.

—Joseph Wagner, Fifth Generation Napa Valley Winemaker

Quilt & Co: An Immersive Joseph Wagner Experience

Founded in 2020, Quilt & Co. was created in order to showcase the wines crafted by Joseph Wagner. He learned his way around a vineyard long before he was able to drink wine and beginning in 2001, began crafting the wines that wine drinkers have been enjoying ever since.